Lash Courses

We offer Accredited and Certified Training Courses in Lash Extensions

With Educator Kristina Shepherd MGBT

Individual Lash course

This is the first step if you want to break into the world of lashes.

In this course you will learn all the foundations, lash consultation and how to create the perfect set of lashes. from lash mapping, styling. lash curls, weights, thicknesses.

Theory on our adhesives, what’s in them, why people react and how to prevent this
It’s essential to learn both the theory and practical elements

The course is split over two days of theory and practical, includes a full kit and unlimited support afterwards

Russian Volume Course

Our Russian Volume course is a one to one training course with
Educator Kristina Shepherd

This is an advance course therefore you need to be certified in individual lashes first. You will be learning both The Russian Volume technique and The Stacking and capping Technique.

Prepare to learn a totally new process and skill of eyelash application.

Both techniques are intricate, detailed and nothing like the individual “classic” lash method of application.

It’s essential to learn both the theory and practical elements of these techniques to produce Beautiful Russian Volume Lashes.

Both the volume and stacking techniques are broken down into stages, ensuring you learn each step perfectly before we move onto the next.

It’s essential each tiny stage is learned perfectly for you to become an expert lash master and go on to create beautiful flawless lashes.

You will learn all the skills essential when applying Russian volume and Stacking;

  • How to hand make volume lashes seconds before you apply (no pre-fans here)
  • How to pick up and place volume lashes to achieve maximum retention
  • Create a full volume lash line
  • 4 different techniques for fanning lashes
  • Create wide and narrow fans for different styles, & why we use both
  • Lash map and style the eye in more detail.
  • Achieving a smooth finish- Extended Mapping
  • Pick up straight from the strip for speed lashing.
  • Theory on our adhesives, what’s in them, why people react and how to prevent this.
  • Bridging lashes
  • Lower lashes
  • Which adhesives are the best to use and how to use them effectively
  • Humidly and how this effects our adhesives and lash retention

One to one course with Kristina Shepherd including a kit and certificate only £450

Great training and great trainer, excellent location. 2016 Gemma H

Great training, I enjoyed my day. I need to keep practicing but its given me a good kick-start. Lucy C 2016

Excellent! I’d definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants detailed training. 2016 Samantha K

I loved today, Kristina is amazing she’s a excellent trainer. Everything was explained well Kristina’s knowledge is outstanding. 2016 Catherine S

I found the training really fun, I was happy all my questions were answered. Chelsea P 2016

I found the experience very interesting and informative. Kristina gave me very detailed explanations with everything I asked, and I really enjoyed my day.
Helen F 2017

GREAT!!! Kirsty M 2017

Kristina has been amazing, very friendly and professional, she made the whole training day easier to take in. there was a lot of information, well worth the investment. Sophie D 2017

Great course, really enjoyed the training day with Kristina. Emma H 2017

Really good, I felt comfortable and at ease with Kristina. I could ask any question, it was really informative. Ella C 2017

Very helpful, Kristina explained everything so clearly and gave a lot of support. Lauren F 2017

Very interesting, it’s hard to do but I receive a lot of support from Kristina which helped so much. I really enjoyed my day. Katie A 2017

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