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Does a lash lift ruin your lashes?

Does a lash lift ruin your lashes, it’s not the treatment which can ruin your eyelashes it’s the lash tech. Let me explain. A lash lift is a very popular treatment and similar to the slightly old lash perms instead of curling the natural eyelashes a lash lift simply works with your own eyelashes, lifts them up and keeps them in a lifted position for 6-8 weeks 


Do lash extension damage your natural lashes? 

Types of lashes & Frequently asked question 


Here at 27 TWO 6 Beauty in Welling we offer a wide range of lash extensions all created to suit each and every client. 


Individual lashes 

Individual lashes are great if you want that extra length and fullness to your natural lashes or would simply like to increase definition. individual lashes are a singular lash applied to each and every lash covering the full eye. 


Russian volume lashes 

Kristina Shepherd is back

Our salon Director Kristina Shepherd is back, we are so excited to announce that she will be returing over the summer on selective dates as our Lash & Skin expert. With almost 20 years experience in the beauty industry, working with top cosmeceutical skin brands and a wealth of skin & product & chemical peel knowledge not to mention a Lash brand owner, speaker and judge at international level Kristina is very excited to be seeing clients on selective dates over the summer.

Best facials in London

Best facials in London, our clients often say that. Here at 27 Two 6 Beauty in Welling we are experts in Facials & Chemical peels. We have a lot of clients who are interested in our Facials/Chemical Peels. We want you to understand why we go through the processes of Skin Prep before we allow any client to have a Chemical Peel. We want to explain that we do and the risks that can happen if we don’t follow our process.

If you wanted to book a chemical peel the first thing we would do a full consultation, this is all done at our welling salon. 

Eyelash courses in welling

Eyelash courses in welling. With over 15 years in the industry we have build up a strong reputation for quality eyelash courses. We are featured in the top lash magazines such as Professional beauty, Lash-ed & Lash Ink & featured on podcast. Kristina Shepherd who owns 27 Two 6 Beauty & KSLA Professional regularly attends huge lash & beauty conferences in London, Birmingham & Essex where Kristina teaches her skills to lash artists of all levels & speaks on stage sharing her lash skills & judges lash competitions.

Self Neutralising Chemical Peels comes to 27 Two 6 Beauty

At 27 Two 6 Beauty in Welling, we have always been at the forfront of result driven treatments & not "fads" as hightly trained therapist we can offer you the most advance peels that many other salons can't. Our new Self Neutralising skin peel penetrates far deeper into the skin & targtets deeper lines and wrinkles most skin treatments can't treat. Perfection Lift is our latest peel at our disposal at 27 Two 6 Beauty, working at a much lower PH this peel works on younger skin cells deep within the epidermis.

Skin in winter

At 27 Two 6 beauty we offer 1-2-1 skin consultations. It is now that time of year, where the weather starts getting colder and skin becomes more sensitive and drier.


Why is my skin so dry in the winter months?

New lash & brow treatment at 27 Two 6 Beauty

​At 27 Two 6 beauty in welling we are lash & brow experts. We have trained in top brands such as KSLA PRO & KG professional & we decided to create another in house lash service 

What is a lash & brow duo?

Lash & brow duo is a Lash lift and tint and brow lamination done together at the same time. 


What is a Lash lift & tint?

Lash lift and tint is when we apply your own natural lashes to a shield.