What is a Lash Lift & Can a Lash Lift damage the natural lashes?


Like pretty much most things it depends who you are trusting to do this treatment. A Lash Artist who has been on a in-depth training course and is properly qualified and insured to do the treatment, you will end up with beautiful lifted healthy looking lashes. Going to someone who is not properly trained this is where problems will occur.

Is it safe to have treatments when pregnant?

Did you know... We have undergone specialist pregnancy training in order to safely treat pregnant clients. Understanding the anatomy of the changes to the body during this time is especially important when offering pregnancy treatments. Presure points, areas to avoid, oils not to use & so much moreIt’s essential when you are expecting to go to someone trained in pregnancy treatments, using safe products is one of the most important things, some essential oils which are in products may not be suitable for pregnant clients.

Which skin products really work?


Where do you start? have you tried every skin product on earth and nothing has worked? This is something we hear all of the time from clients who want to improve their skin but they have no idea what products to start using, the choice is enormous.The first thing I will always say to clients is to understand that there are 3 levels of skincare, it is only the highest level which will make a difference to your skin.


Spot prevention kit launched for Maskne

We have had so many clients message us asking for help with the new Maskne, this is the new breakouts of spots everyone seems to be getting on the areas on the face with a mask covers. For more information on why you are getting breakouts see our previous post. But I wanted to let you know that we have a Maskne skin kit we have put together, which comprises three top medical grade products that we sell in the salon.  

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Maskne and how to stop it!

‘Maskne’- another 2020 problem. How can you avoid breakouts caused by wearing a mask?


So now we know that masks are here to stay, and we should all be wearing them to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we also think it’s time to give you some helpful tips, tricks and must have products to help overcome the breakouts that are happening as a result of wearing a mask. Now we know this sounds like a very 3rd world problem and we totally support mask wearing to keep us all safe but a few changes to your skincare regime can help keep ‘Maskne’ at bay!

What is Retinol


Sound scary? Well really this amazingly powerful anti-aging ingredient is just derivative from Vitamin A. When absorbed into this skin our body converts it into Retinoic Acid and that when the benefits really kick into gear. Looking for a powerhouse product that is anti-aging, anti-breakout, anti pigmentation and resurfacing? Read on…


Do you know how to fix your skin problems... we do

Hydration is incredibly important for your skin. It doesn’t matter if you have oily skin or you’re suffering from acne, blocked pores or breakouts, or any type of skin concern, hydration in the skin is a key factor. When you're out in the cold, or at home with the heating on, all of this effects your skin, alcohol, stress and pollution affects the skin and reduces the hydration it in your skin.

Why come to us for Facials and Chemical Peels

We only use IMAGE Skincare for our Facials and Chemical Peels these advanced products were developed by cosmetic surgeons in the USA. It’s made completely differently from most skin products, being a clinical range it's not the normal level of products most salons stock. It has the most advanced clinically proven ingredients that have ever been developed and advanced delivery systems which drive powerful ingredients down to the layers of the skin where most products can’t reach, giving you faster results and longer lasting results.