Which skin products really work?

Where do you start? have you tried every skin product on earth and nothing has worked? This is something we hear all of the time from clients who want to improve their skin but they have no idea what products to start using, the choice is enormous.The first thing I will always say to clients is to understand that there are 3 levels of skincare, it is only the highest level which will make a difference to your skin.The majority, if not all of the products you come across in supermarkets, in department stores on the High Street will not make any noticeable difference to your skin. The molecule size is too big and there is no delivery system in the products to pull the product into the epidermis therefore it will sit on the surface & do nothing.Cosmeceutical products are the highest level of skincare you can buy, you cannot buy these in a department store or in your local Boots, cosmeceutical products are only available at skin professionals such as ourselves and other highly trained beauty therapist or skin specialists.Image skincare is regarded as one of the most results driven advanced product lines anywhere in the world. They are developed in America by a skin surgeon, The range is famous for allowing clients to "age later" the range also has essential products to increase skin health, reduce pigmentation, even skin tone, firm and hydrate and so much more.We stock all of the image products on our online store & many in salon. If you are brand-new to Image we always recommend you having a consultation first, this can be done virtually.Get in touch to book your free consultation. 

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