What is Retinol


Sound scary? Well really this amazingly powerful anti-aging ingredient is just derivative from Vitamin A. When absorbed into this skin our body converts it into Retinoic Acid and that when the benefits really kick into gear. Looking for a powerhouse product that is anti-aging, anti-breakout, anti pigmentation and resurfacing? Read on…

Firstly, it is worth noting that Retinol is one of the few clinically proven ingredients to actually work. Many brands are jumping onto the trend, but as we say about all skincare, quality is what is going to give you the best results. You can't always rely on percentages of active ingredients. The blend, formulation and molecular weight are so important when choosing skincare, information that brand does not have to disclose on the packaging, but as a rule of thumb, if it's too cheap to sound true- it usually is. 

Retinol is said to exfoliate, boost collagen production, increase cell renewal and fight free radicals. So why dont we use it more often? There is a stigma with retinol that we would like to shake off, many think that it dries out the skin, causes redness and flakiness. This can be true if used incorrectly or too often. It should be built up from a small amount just once a week, then to twice and so on. Great skin takes time and applying half a tub before bed isn't going to solve all your skin woes. 

So how does it work? Retinol thickens the deeper layers of skin to plump out wrinkles. It increases cell turnover for smoother more even skin, removing pigmented cells and curbing melanin production which causes brown spots and its exfoliating power helps prevent spot causing blocked pores and encourages new, fresher skin helping to diminish acne scars. 

So when is it best to use Retinol products? As we age our skin renewal process slows down significantly. Our body tries to do most of its rejuvination work at night, therefore to give this process a boost I recommend you use Retinol at night to reveal fresher looking skin in the morning. This is also the best time if you’re worried that your skin may dry out, just add a nice layer of night cream over it and make sure you apply a minimum of factor 30SPF the following day as your new skin will be more susceptible to the environment.  

Why is Image Skincare Retinol different? Not only is the quality and formulation superior to highstreet brands, but Image uses an advanced delivery system called Kemspheres. This means the Retinol is encapsulated allowing pure Retinol to penetrate deeper into the layers of the skin in a more stable form, causing less irritation and superior results. 

To find out how to implement this super powerful ingredient into your skincare regime we are offering free Virtual skin consultations just send us an email info@2726beauty.co.uk and we can arrange this.  

Thanks for reading, Jess @ 27 Two 6 Beauty xx