What is a Lash Lift & Can a Lash Lift damage the natural lashes?


Like pretty much most things it depends who you are trusting to do this treatment. A Lash Artist who has been on a in-depth training course and is properly qualified and insured to do the treatment, you will end up with beautiful lifted healthy looking lashes. Going to someone who is not properly trained this is where problems will occur. A Eyelash lifting treatment should take around 60-70 minutes approximately, it should be completely painless, cause no damage to your natural lashes and you should be left with lifted natural lashes. A lash lift is not lash extensions, so your natural lashes will not be thicker as there is no extension applied. A lash lift is considered a natural alternative to lash extensions, although lash extensions when done correctly can also give you a natural look if required. 

A lash lift is less maintenance and the perfect way to try a eyelash treatment if you are new to having anything done to your lashes. Lash lifts are perfectly suited for every day life and also holidays. The procedure literally lifts your natural lashes up to make them appear longer & sets them in their new lifted position. Lash lifts are normally done along side a tint, so the lashes appear longer and darker because of the colour. Unfortunately there are some  inexperienced or poorly trained lash Artist around and we are seeing common mistakes which are leaving clients with burnt, and frazzled flashes. This blog is to showcase what a lash lift is for the client, what the procedure is and what is to be expected and normal. Any burnt or frazzled lashes is not a normal part of the procedure and it can be easily avoided by going to someone who is properly trained and knows what they are doing. 

Lashes which are burnt or frazzled are generally down to basic errors from the lash artist, the first one is the solutions which is use to create the lift and to set the lashes have been applied in the wrong area of the natural lash and this can cause the lashes to burn. The second issue that is quite common is the product a left on to long or not removed thoroughly and again, this will cause the lashes to burn and become over-processed. Frizzing or burning should not happen And if you are going into a experience Lash artist this will never happen, you will enjoy beautifully lifted lashes every time.


So what is a lift lift treatment like?....The procedure starts with a consultation shortly after the lash artist will use a water-soluble glue to attach a very small silicone shield to your eyelid, this is completely painless and you will have your eyes closed when this is happening, lashes are then brushed onto this Shield and gently attached with the water-soluble adhesive, once all the lashes have been combed into place the first solution is applied, a good lash artist who produces excellent work will take their time combing the lashes into place and not just brush them up and stick them down. Be prepared for the solution is a little bit on the stinky side, the solutions are safe to use on the lashes and will be applied in a particular area & left on for a accurate amount of time depending on the natural lashes. The solution will penetrate the structure of the eyelash, opening the cuticle of the lash and entering the cortex, allowing the lash to be moved into it’s new position, after the set amount of time has passed this is usually between 8 to 12 minutes depending on what type of solution is used and what the natural lashes are like, it will be removed thoroughly. A top tip to look out for, some brands of lash lifting are a lot harsher than others, so as a top tip avoid a lash artist that can do a whole lash lift from start to finish in under 35-40 minutes as this would indicate a strong solution is being used and can be damaging to the lashes. 


 A second solution is applied, this solution smell is the same as the first one, Think Perm lotion! The solution will be left on for a set amount of time and the purpose of this is to set the lashes in their new lifted position. After this solution has been thoroughly remove the tinting usually happens, The tent is mixed up and brushed onto the lashes and left on for a few minutes to penetrate the hair structure, once the tint is removed and the lash artist has cleaned and made sure the lashes are free of any residue you’ll be left with beautiful lifted dark lashes. As long as you’ve gone to a experienced lash artist you never have a problem with Lash lifting, the errors that happen which cause burnt lashes are down to poor training. You need to ensure that you follow some basic after-care which your lash artist will inform you about. You also need to make sure that your next lash lift is done around eight weeks and not much sooner as you don’t want to risk over processing the lashes if you go back to soon. 

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