Waxing! do you know your Hollywood's from your French

Waxing 101 Removing unsightly hair is a time-consuming ritual carried out by the majority of women and these day a lot of men too. Shaving may seem like the quickest and easiest way to de-fuzz but if you’re like me and would have to reach for the razor every other day for Dolphin like smooth skin then I’m telling you now, you’re not saving time. (Not to mention the saving rashes, lumps, lump cuts and scars to go with it) You know that lovely dress you wanted to wear tomorrow night? Nope, sorry the chunk taken out of your shin suggests you should wear trousers. We have all been there. So, what is longer lasting, cost and time effective? Waxing! Benefits of waxing Waxing is a longer lasting hair removal solution. If carried out properly the hair will be removed from the root (the hairs original source) and therefore take longer to grow back and when it does it will be thinner and less…spikey. (and there aren’t many places you can’t wax) Hot and Warm Wax Let’s clear up the confusion. Hot Wax no strips, Warm Wax with strips. Ok, so what’s best for which areas? Warm wax (with strips) is most widely used for eyebrows, lip, chin, legs, back, arms, chest ect. Hot wax is primarily used for more sensitive areas such as underarms and Bikini. A lot of salons offer Warm (strip) Wax for Bikini but in my opinion, as a therapist and an unfortunate customer of warm wax on the bikini area, I wouldn’t recommend it. In fact, here at 27 Two 6 Beauty we do not offer Warm wax for Brazilian or Hollywood (we will touch on these later) So why I hear you ask? Hair in our nether region is thicker, tougher and usually longer than the rest of our body. Warm(Strip) Wax is more likely to sit on top on the hair and when pulling the strip off can be more painful, and more likely to break the hair off rather than pulling it out at the root. Hot wax is warmer and can melt through the hair down to the skin level, softening the hair, opening the pores achieving a better grip and a less painful, more effective hair removal. Before waxing 1. The hair should be around ¼ of an inch long 2. Gently exfoliate before a wax, this will help release slightly ingrown hairs for a better result 3. A warm shower can help open the pores 4. Use an oil free moisturiser as this can prevent the wax from sticking to the hair 5. Wear loose clothes to your appointment 6. Don’t book on the days around your period, this will hurt more as the skin is more sensitive After waxing (what products to use) 1. Stay clear from sunbeds/ tanning and all heat treatments for 24 hours 2. Avoid deodorant and perfumes around the waxed area 3. Keep the area clean as the pores are left open 4. Use a Tea Tree or Aloe Vera based moisturiser after to calm redness 5. Exfoliate regularly a few days after the wax to prevent ingrown hairs Top Tip: If ingrown hairs are something you suffer with don’t pick and prod! Use a toner with Salicylic Acid in. (Read my last blog post to see how it will help) Ask in the Salon to purchase our Image Skincare CLEAR CELL Salicylic Clarifying toner or super handy ready to use pads. Different Bikini Wax styles This is what most customers find confusing, what do you actually want waxed? Bikini Look down with your legs closed, what you see either side of your knicker line is what will be waxed. Highline Bikini Pull the sides of your knicker up towards your belly button, legs apart. The hair you see will be waxed. French wax Everything from the sides leaving a strip of hair from front to back. Brazilian Everything from either side leaving a thin strip down the middles. Includes waxing the bum. The Island Everything from the sides, middles and back is removed leaving a small triangle of hair. For those of you that don’t want to be completely hair free but also don’t want anything creeping out of the sides of your bikini. Hollywood The whole shabang! All hair is removed front to back. Please remember, we have seen in all before and look forward to helping you towards a fuzz free future. Thank you again for reading, Jess @ 27 Two 6 Beauty x