Spot prevention kit launched for Maskne

We have had so many clients message us asking for help with the new Maskne, this is the new breakouts of spots everyone seems to be getting on the areas on the face with a mask covers. For more information on why you are getting breakouts see our previous post. But I wanted to let you know that we have a Maskne skin kit we have put together, which comprises three top medical grade products that we sell in the salon.  

We have selected these purposely to combat these new spots, to reduce the swelling, reduce redness and reduce the overall amount of spots on skin. The kit saves you £27 and is available from our online shop just search Maskne .  

Diring lockdown we are also offering virtual consultations for anyone anywhere in the country who needs assistance with the skin. So this can be spot breakouts, help with pigmentation, what products to use on your skin, whatever your concerns are we have skin specialist available to offer virtual consultations for you during lockdown.  We can post any product recommendations to anywhere in the UK


To make a consultation just email us on Also make sure you are following us on social media