The Lift Away The Years Wand

Its Here! The most exciting Anti-ageing device to hit the beauty market in decades … The Lift Away The Years Wand.

“It stimulates facial muscles and tightens the skin” ELLE

“In just 2 minutes you will notice a lifted jaw-line and plumper skin, thanks to the Matrixly packed serum” GRAZIA

Our favorite skin care brand, Crystal Clear has just launched a new product to add to their ever expanding range, The Lift Away the Years wand, it has been designed to create skin that appears younger, firmer and more toned. In a recent study with 30 women, consumers reported a 27% reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and a 45% increase in skin firmness.

The dual action technology in the Lift Away the Years wand forms the perfect combination in reducing the appearance of aging skin. The wand uses gentle vibrations to stimulate the muscles in the face while Crystal Clear’s Intense Anti Aging serum is massaged deeply into the skin. Lift Away the Years produces an instant anti-aging effect. Used morning and night as part of your daily moisturising routine, the results will get better and better.

Crystal Clear are well know for bringing us new products with Clinically proven ingredients which really work on the skin.

Skin care experts recommend using a good anti-aging cream from the approximately the age of thirty and onward, this is because the amount of collagen in the skin can start to decline after that age, Prevention is better than cure, and using a good anti-aging cream early on can actively help to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from appearing before their time.

Finding the right day and night cream for you can help you keep your skin stay glowing and fresh, and stop time in its tracks.

We are taking advanced orders for the new Lift Away The Years Wand , If you’d like to know more about this anti-wrinkle product or which skin care products would suit your skin type, pop in for a free consultation with one of our highly trained therapists.