Lash extensions & Safe products

Have you ever had lashes done and they hurt your eyes?  damaged your own lashes? ripped them out? or given you bald patches? Did you know lash extensions do not damage your natural lashes, poorly trained lash tecs do. Going to a much cheaper lash tec may seem like a easy option, compared to a more expensive one right? But there could be a world of difference 


When you invest in a more expensive and experienced lash artist, they are charging for everything you are receiving in that treatment, their knowledge regarding what ingredients are in the glue, pre-treatment, lash shampoo & everything they are applying to your lashes, their knowledge regarding their skill and the relaxing environment, the booking system you used to book, the comfortable lash bed you get to nap on while lashes are being done, the overheads of the salon,  there is so much you are paying for, but i would say mostly the skill. 


A super experienced lash tec will understand in detail the lash products they use & where on the lash it must be applied and how some products will change the PH balance of the lash & why it’s so important as it gives you great long lasting lashes. A knowledgeable lash tec will understand how to keep your lashes healthy & not falling off in days, they understand why the cuticles of the natural lash must be slightly open, so you have great retention & how the curing process works. 


This is all because they have invested in years and years of the best lash education paying thousands of pounds to give clients the best lash extensions. You are paying for your lashes to be kept healthy and to have safe quality products. 


Unsafe products are so easy to come by these days, buying lash glue off eBay and that glue comes from a unregulated source with literally anything in that bottle. When you don’t need an infill for 4 or more weeks, that is not a good sign and it’s highly likely products are being used which should not be anywhere near your eyes. 


There are many cheap lash products on the market now with dangerous ingredients inside such as Dimethyl Ketone which are found in some primers which is also the main ingredient in acetone & should never be applied to natural lashes, primers are applied to lash extensions and not natural lashes as it will break and weaken the lash or Sodium Bromate which has been found in unsafe lash products widely available if the lash tec buys products off ebay which had huge medical worries. 


I’m not saying don’t get your lashes done, I love having my lashes done it’s the best treatment, all I’m saying is you need to be aware cheap lashes are cheap for a reason, cheap products will be unsafe & can lead to long term medical problems and it’s highly likely your lash tec won’t even realise they are using unsafe products. Good quality, safe products are an investment, the research behind them & ensuring they are safe all costs money. We are experts in lashes and understand how to give you the best lashes without any damage to your natural lashes and no damage to your long term health.


If you didn’t know any of this, you are not alone. I never want to put anyone off having lash extensions. When you go to a expert you are in very safe hands.  I’m just saying how vital it is to understand you really get what you pay for. If anyone wants to have more info on this blog please get in touch. If you are interested in becoming qualified in Lash extensions or Lash Lifts our sister company KSLA Professional is a accredited Lash education company & product line. Going to a good lash tec means years of stunning lashes without any damage to your lashes or health. 


Kristina @ 27 Two 6 Beauty