Is it safe to have treatments when pregnant?

Did you know... We have undergone specialist pregnancy training in order to safely treat pregnant clients. Understanding the anatomy of the changes to the body during this time is especially important when offering pregnancy treatments. Presure points, areas to avoid, oils not to use & so much moreIt’s essential when you are expecting to go to someone trained in pregnancy treatments, using safe products is one of the most important things, some essential oils which are in products may not be suitable for pregnant clients. Research shows that massage is especially good to reduce stress, loosen muscles & increase blood flow which is important when pregnant, pregnancy massage will flush out toxins & keep the lymphatic system working. Some Facial treatments will not be suitable for pregnant clients due to the active ingredients, however we have created safe Pregnancy Facials in house using safe products, the position the client lays in when having a treatment will be very different to normal, this is another way to ensure there is no pressure on the baby & mum is extremely comfy As long as you go to someone specifically trained in pregnancy, these treatments are safe & you should enjoy all the benefits these treatments bring. We have a range of Facials, Massages & Spa Rituals which we have created in-house, purposely for pregnant clients.

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