The Importance of Protecting your Skin

The Importance of Protecting your Skin With England’s ongoing heatwave, protecting your skin is as important as ever, come rain or shine (which we are having both of at the moment) SPF should always be applied as even on a cloudy day, 80% of the Sun’s harmful rays can reach your skin. Sun damage is a massive factor in premature aging, a study by L’Oreal suggests that just a 2% increase in skin damage can age your skin around 3 years! In addition, most skin cancer is linked to overexposure and sun damage, according to Cancer Research, round 13, 600 cases (86%) of Melanoma skin cancer is caused by sun damage or sunbed use and once your skin blisters from Sunburn you already have a second degree burn… How to prevent this? Dermatologist suggest using a minimum of SPF 30 every day. To help you visualise this kind of damage, this truck driver has severely aged on one side of his face from 28 years on the road, his left side exposed to the window and sunrays with no protection. Here at 27 Two 6 Beauty we love Image Skincare! They have an amazing range of SPF Moisturisers and they suit most skin types. They are Broad Spectrum sun creams meaning they protect against UVA Rays which penetrate the skins layers and cause ageing and UVB Rays which will burn the superficial layers of the skin giving you all round protection. They are all lightweight and contain antioxidants like Vitamin C to strengthen the skin and Green tea which is an anti-inflammatory. The Prevention+ Collection pair Sun protection with Advanced skincare to also protect against environmental factors and pollution. Daily Hydrating moisturiser SPF 30+ • Sensitive • Redness • Dry/dehydrated skin Daily Matte Moisturiser SPF 32+ • Combination • Oily • Acne Prone • Men • Oil free/ Absorbs surface oils over time • Shine free complexion • Perfect makeup primer Daily tinted moisturiser SPF 30+ • All skin types • Uneven skin colour or tone • Provides and even glow • Perfect alternative to foundation in warm weather and on holiday Ultimate protection moisturiser SPF 50 • All skin types • Outdoor sports • Post treatment skin e.g. Microdermabrasion • Contains plant based Stem Cells to extend the life of your own Stem Cells Pop in or give the salon a call for a free consultation on which one would best suit you. We may all feel better, healthier and slimmer (more contoured) with a tan, but there are safer ways to do so, here are my top fake tanning tips to give you a healthy glow: - Shave the day before and exfoliate with an oil free product (or wax and exfoliate 24 hours after) - Moisturise (focusing on drier areas like elbows, knees, ankles and heels) - Always use a mitt! Application is better and saves you from orange hands (foams are usually easiest) - Apply in circular motions - Use residue from the mitt on hand and feet-just one sweep! Thank you for reading, Jess @ 27 Two 6 Beauty x