5 Questions we always get asked about Lash Extensions

5 questions we always get asked about lashes.


Are Russian lashes too thick and heavy? A lot of people think that Russian lashes are these super thick, dark, heavy caterpillars sitting on the eyes. This is not always the case, we will do a consultation with you to get an understanding of the look you desire when having lash extensions. Russian lashes don't  have to be super thick and dark, you can have natural looking Russians by having your lash tech do shorter lengths & 2D-4D fans (the amount of lashes to one natural lash)  


Do lash extensions damage the natural lashes? Lash extensions do not damage your natural lashes. The only ways of lash extensions damaging your lashes are if you pick and pull out the lashes, don't clean them regularly, have really long lash extensions, heavy lashes, too much glue or if you go to a lash tech that is cheaper but could also be very poorly trained. 


Why do I need to have infills? A client needs to have lash infills as you naturally loose lashes everyday which is 100% normal as it is part of your lash cycle. Everybody has a lash cycle, even those who don't have lash extensions.  


Why do I need to wash my lashes? Part of the aftercare for lashes is not to get them wet for 24hrs, however once the 24 hrs is over you must wash your lashes daily as all the oils, dirt and makeup can build up on the lashes which can cause irritation on the eyes and can also lead to an infection which is why it is vital to wash your lashes either every other day or everyday, you can also book a lash shampoo here in the salon when you come for your lash infills.


What is Lash extension aftercare? 

1. In the first 24 hrs keep lashes dry, this includes Gym, tanning and swimming 

2.  You will lose a few lashes everyday, this is normal as it is part of your natural lash cycle

3. No picking, pulling or rubbing the eyes or the lashes. Do not use lash curlers or any type of mascara for the whole time of having lash extensions.

4. Avoid any oil based products getting onto the lashes such as, makeup wipes, makeup remover, eye liner, face serums/ creams.

5. You must brush lashes daily with lash shampoo, pat the lashes dry and brush. Do not use heat on the lashes to dry them

6. Book infills every 2-3 weeks.

7. If any irritation occurs at all contact your lash artist 

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