We have moved. Our new address is 11 Upper Wickham lane Welling DA16 3AA.

As a salon we offer a full range of indulgent beauty and spa treatments. We specialise in Skin, Lash Extensions & Eye Brow treatments.

We provide a welcoming and highly professional relaxing environment that enables all our clients to relax and rejuvenate the soul allowing you to escape from a busy hectic world whenever you feel the need.

Imagine your treatment room, lights dimmed, candles glowing, soothing music in the background with the smell of essential oils drifting around the room.

About Kristina Shepherd

Leading therapist Kristina Shepherd is a skin consultant & has trained to a very high level in these areas including having been trained with the Nouveau skin academy in Alift Nano current skin rejuvenation. Kristina is also the London freelance trainer for the internationally recognised brand Lash Perfect and has been creating lashes since 2009 and currently teaches the most advance techniques including the famous Russian Layering and Tahitian Feathering techniques at the Lash Perfect flagship salon London.

Gift Vouchers Available

Please select a Gift Voucher and this can be sent to you in the post of picked up from the Salon. Payment can be made via your PayPal account or credit card.

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